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How To Apply


  • Complete the form under the intern description and Click "Apply Now" 
  • Upload an up-to-date resume to the application as a PDF
  • Submit your application by April 29th
  • Wait for hiring manager(s) to start contacting you! 



  • Practical experience with current sales techniques
  • Opportunities to explore multiple avenues within 
  • Shadowing, mentoring, and training opportunities with successful sales professionals
  • Opportunity to participate in networking events and company meetings
  • Compensation available
student sales and marketing intern


Collegiate Sales Society is looking for qualified interns to join our partners as listed below. Our partners produce quality products nationwide and are seeking interns who can participate in various stages of sales. 

Interns should be prepared to work in a fast-paced team environment and will finish the internship having gained broad experience in various aspects of marketing.


  • Assist in the creation of signage, circulars, mock-ups, email campaigns, online promotion, etc.
  • Assist in the distribution or delivery of marketing materials
  • Assist with the fulfillment of marketing offers
  • Assist with the preparation and delivery of training materials
  • Perform analysis of marketing and sales data
  • Seek and analyze competitor marketing and sales materials both on and offline
  • Prepare presentations
  • Enter contact information into contact management systems
  • Utilize sales tools to build and manage pipeline (Gong, LI Sales Navigator, ZoomInfo, Salesforce)
  • Implement prospecting methods such as cold-calling, cold emails, and social media outreach


  • Undergraduate student and member of Collegiate Sales Society 
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Extensive knowledge of sales
  • Driven and hard-working
  • Ability to take direction, accept and apply feedback, and multi-task
  • Salesforce, PowerPoint, Word, and Excel experience a plus

Applications have closed for Summer 2022

*Applicants are not guaranteed placement and may be contacted by any of the partners listed below.

Now Hiring

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Hiring a sales intern is a unique opportunity to bring on a candidate to work in the role for a short period of time to determine if they are a fit for a full-time offer in the coming year(s).

Summer interns also provide inexpensive support for activities such as prospecting, building pipeline, creating marketing materials, and collecting data.

The best part is, working with CSS to find summer interns is a completely free service to all parties involved!

What to expect and how to get involved

CSS will provide your internship opportunity with student members currently interested in sales. These students will act as additional support on entry-level initiatives and have the drive to be successful. Students will have 8 - 12 weeks of availability to complete the internship. To get involved complete the employer form on this page by end of day on March 4, 2022. A CSS team member will be in touch to confirm your request and discuss next steps.

Working with CSS

CSS will collect and organize student applicants' resumes and contact information. Following the student application deadline, the CSS team will send you the student candidate profiles and you decide how to proceed. Following the end of the internship, surveys will be sent out to collect employer feedback. 

How does the internship program work?

Once you fill out the application on the CSS site, the CSS national team will compile all of the resumes and applications submitted by students for you to browse. From there, you have the contact information you need to reach out to students of interest to set up the interview process however you see fit.

By what date do employers have to decide to participate?

We request that all partnering employers have their applications submitted with a link to their internship description if possible by March 4th at 8 pm PT.

Where are CSS Students located?

The majority of our active chapters are currently located in California, but we are expanding nationwide. We have individual members and affiliates in states across the country that are eligible to apply.

How will I know if the students are available in my employer's location?

When the students apply, they will specify whether they are looking for full-time or part-time work (or either), remote or in-person opportunities (or either), and which cities are accessible for them to work. This information will all be available to you.

How much does it cost to participate in the summer internship program?

Involvement in the internship program is free! Our goal is to grant you access to high quality internship candidates and grant our students access to outstanding internships.

Will I be charged a recruiting fee if I hire an intern?

No! There are no fees or costs associated with our summer internship program.

Do students have to pay to be part of CSS?

No! We provide all of our resources to students at no cost, to ensure that students from all backgrounds have equal access to our education, networking, and development resources.

Are all CSS students Business Majors?

No! Collegiate Sales Society is open to university students, graduate or undergraduate,  at any class level from all majors.

Where can I access full-time candidates?

To meet and network with graduating seniors for full-time positions, attend our annual Summit event in October of 2022! Email for more information on how to get involved.

How else can I get involved with CSS?

We are always looking to expand our corporate partnerships through co-hosted events and other exciting opportunities. To chat with a CSS national team member about what that could look like, email!


For questions or more information on the Collegiate Sales Society Sales and Marketing Internship please contact