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CSS teaches students to use the resources available to them on campus and expand personal and professional knowledge. We believe in making the dream of pursuing a career in sales a reality for college students by providing robust sales education and career development opportunities. Sales is one of the most popular professions, and by joining a CSS chapter students gain access to additional curriculum and tools to launch a successful career in sales. This is where being part of a CSS chapter becomes an important tool for securing that dream sales job post-graduation! On top of all that knowledge currently taught to college students, joining or creating a CSS chapter is the perfect addition to a well-rounded professional development experience.

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Core skills our chapter members have gained include:

Marketing •Sales •Cold calling •Community management •Organizing •Event planning •Critical thinking •Problem solving •Teamwork •Leadership •Social responsibility •Creative thinking •Self-awareness •Decision making •Reliability •Motivation •Integrity

Meet the Executive Board

CSS plans to support our future sales leaders by providing them with the ability to offer further advancement of sales knowledge through education and networking. The executive board at UCSD works with the CSS national team to offer the tools students need to find success. These leaders help identify sales skills, industry speakers, training, certifications, experience, and job and internship opportunities that will help their campus chapters learn and grow.

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Ariana Wu

Hi everyone! My name is Ariana Wu, and I am a second year student here at UC San Diego. I am currently pursuing a degree in Business Economics and am minoring in Finance. I truly enjoy the opportunities that the sales industry provides to be able to work with so many interesting people, and form long lasting relationships. I’m looking forward to expanding our community, and thrilled to watch CSS at UC San Diego grow this year
Executive Vice President

Taylor Gray

Hey guys! My name is Taylor Gray, I’m from Oahu, Hawaii and am a sophomore here at UCSD. My major is communications with a minor in business and am super passionate about sales, marketing, and making new connections with people. I have been blessed to grow up around many inspiring people in the sales and business industry and hope to bring them in to talk at some of our meetings. I can’t wait to meet all our new members and start off the new year strong!
VP of Marketing

Lilly Lyon

Hi! I’m a second year International Business student here at UCSD! I’m originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, and I love skiing, yoga and being in nature! I have a passion for connecting with people, which makes sales and marketing that much more exciting! I’m super excited to grow and expand our club this year and find other like minded individuals on campus!
VP of Finance

Chloe Margulis

Hi everyone! My name is Chloe, I’m a second year International Business student at UCSD. I am from Pennington, New Jersey and love fashion, working out, and meeting new people! I am super excited to learn more about sales through CSS and meet all of the new members!
VP of Recruiting

Alexa Friedland

Hi! My name is Alexa Friedland, I’m a second year sociology major with a concentration in law and society. I was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada! My mom and biggest role model is a successful entrepreneur in the sales industry and I have learned so much valuable knowledge from her. I am super excited to learn new skills, alongside our new members, that will last a lifetime.
VP of Nationals

Quincy de Marigny

Hello everyone! My name is Quincy de Marigny and I’m a second year student at UCSD majoring in business economics and minoring in entrepreneurship. I’m from Newport Beach, California and am looking forward to expanding my knowledge in sales/marketing. There are so many benefits from having experience with the marketing/sales realm of business, and we are all excited in sharing that experience with our new members.

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